About Us

About Us

Reliable Third-Party Technical Support Services

We work around the clock, delivering expert commercial and residential technical support services throughout the United States.

  • Affordable technical support solutions
  • 24-hour technical support services
  • Call blocking services to create robust communication chains
  • Rapid response support teams
  • Experienced technical support staff
  • Customized pricing packages based on client needs
  • Dedicated support to expedite error resolution
  • Innovative technical support solutions

Tile Tech Inc. is a premium third party technical support services provider that expedites error resolution for your electronics and hardware. We work with industry experts to minimize equipment downtime.

Eliminating Intermediaries to Minimize Equipment Downtime

Tile Tech Inc. is widely recognized as a leader in third-party technical support services industry. We work with leading organizations, offering support services that minimize costs and improve end-user experiences.

Our services include:

  • Online and on-site computer repair services for residential and commercial clients.


  • Online expedited printer repair and troubleshooting services with assistance from our technical experts.


  • Smart home installation with expert guided learning and support.


  • Call blocker device error resolution and installation, with one-on-one technical support.

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App Development 82%
Business Growth 90%
Technology Solution 80%

24/7 Technical Support

Expert Guidance at Your Disposal

Serving Residential and Commercial Clients

Serving Customers Across the United States

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